Notarial Services


Notarisation limited to the Canton of Aargau:

  • Purchase, exchange and donation contracts
  • Mortgage agreements
  • Easement agreements
  • Substantiations for commonhold property
  • Parcelling and consortia
  • Preliminary agreements


We can advise you on the drafting of contracts and associated tax implications. In many cases financial relief can be applied through professional tax planning. Errors cannot be corrected afterwards.



Further notarisation and other notarial services for the whole of Switzerland:

  • Foundation of companies
  • Capital increases
  • Amendments to articles of association
  • Restructuring (mergers, divisions and changes in legal form)
  • Marriage and inheritance contracts
  • Cohabitation agreements
  • Wills and testaments
  • Division of inheritances
  • Execution of wills
  • Estate liquidation


As a notary office we authenticate signatures, all types of documents and create certified copies of various documents (e.g. contracts, copies of passports etc.).

On request, we can also supply apostilles for your documents and provide certified translations.

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