Legal Services Fees

How much do our lawyers cost?


Lawyer's fees are usually calculated on an hourly basis. Additional costs are also incurred for expenses (i.e. photocopying, postage, telephone calls, travel expenses, etc.) and VAT.


At the time of undertaking work, we will inform you of the hourly rate and our invoicing terms and conditions. When determining the hourly rate, we take into consideration the client's financial circumstances, the amount of the sum in dispute, the importance of the mandate and the responsibility that goes with it, any special expertise and language skills required, as well as any particular difficulties associated with the case. Our minimum hourly rate is CHF 300.00.


Where a potential client's financial circumstances are modest, free legal aid and free legal representation may be provided under certain conditions in civil cases, administrative proceedings and for injured parties/victims in criminal matters. In these cases, the state shall provisionally pay the legal costs and lawyer's fees. If the client's financial circumstances should subsequently improve, the state can claim back these expenses.


If you have any further questions your lawyer will be pleased to assist you.

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